The Math Rhyme

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Let's talk about mathematics!

And all its basics!

When we see the statistics,

We seem to become poor futuristics!

And less energetics!

When it comes to mathematics!

O and more erratic!

Why O math do you have to be so problematic?

(Many problems and questions to solve)

With the Division, multiplication, addition and subtraction!

And geometrical construction..

Not to forget the algebraic expression...

And linear equation!

It's only a matter of determination!

And a whole lot of realization,

That we cannot solve a problem without God's(Jesus') intervention!

And know my reader, that just as math has a solution to every math problem!

So does Jesus have a solution to man's greatest problem - SIN.

God The Father sent His Son Jesus Christ for our redemption.

Trust in Him for your salvation!

#SolutionToEveryProblem #TrustInJesus

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