Welcome to Grade Upgrader,

A website specially created to cater to

your math practice needs and more.

Initiated by Dianne Dattaprasad Naik (Disciple of Jesus Christ)

Wife of Dattaprasad Naik.

A Housewife - Home Maker, Keeper and Builder.

A former Individual House Tutor cum Tuition Teacher for 6 years 9 months

having taught students of ICSE, CBSE and NCERT boards.

As the Proverb goes- 

In all labor there is profit, but idle chatter leads only to poverty.

(The Book of Proverbs 14 : 23)

We believe that hard work goes a long way.

And Math indeed requires a lot of practice and understanding.

We aim not only in building a student's math skills

but also a child's character as their God intended purpose.

So here at Grade Upgrader,

we offer math specific worksheets at reasonable rates.

And some life long encouragement and hope.

Customized worksheets are provided on request.

Science worksheets are also available.

We also offer online classes to help understand math,

science and computer programming languages

on a per hour basis.

For all the students, teachers, tutors and parents out there,

hoping that this will be a blessing to you.


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